French Fries

Is this really necessary?  This is an amazing article on what Australians may have to pay another tax for sugar, sweets, fat, takeaway foods.. energy drinks. The idea is to try and get them to quit eating these things…. due to health reasons… But why not make the healthier foods at a lesser price?  Too hard basket?

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An American living in Australia. Sharing the past, present and future stuff of interest. Some people have dreamed of visiting here and I just want to give them the insight what it is really like living down under. A wonderful place to be.

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  1. Why increase the price with taxes? Instead, reduce the price of natural and healthy foods so it is more attractive and economical to buy. Fast Food, sugar drinks, and all is the way of life with people on the go. It is a big industry and by adding this extra tax, only the people will suffer, not the companies who are selling these products. And all the people need is another tax to deal with.

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