Hahn Super Dry...favorite of Australia...Bottle Caps with Trivia Questions... Cool as!

Some trivia taken from the bottle caps of 3.5.
Q: Why is your right kidney lower than the left? A: To make room for your liver..
Q: When did 10 pin bowling originate? A: About 5000 BC. Found in an Egyptian tomb.
Q: In baseball, what is a switch hitter? A: Someone to bat on either side of the plate.
Q: What do you need for the Olympic Biathlon? A: Skis and rifle.

Hahn SuperDry has an unmistakable crisp, dry taste. It comes from brewing the finest ingredients for what most would call “bothersomely long”.
They say good things take time, but great things take even longer. That’s why we brew Hahn SuperDry longer. It’s the secret to our super dry taste.

Hahn is committed to being a responsible community host, whilst encouraging the responsible promotion and consumption of alcohol.

To help us stay true to these values we will remove any material that:
• Is deemed rude or offensive, or demeans any group or person
• Promotes excessive or underage consumption of alcohol
• Depicts the consumption of alcohol and engagement in a potentially hazardous activity
• Has strong or evident appeal to people under 18 years old, and Hahn strongly encourages that you not to share our content with anyone under 18 years old
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• Violates any law or regulation or violates any intellectual property right of another person

Repeat offenders risk being blocked from posting in the future.

Hahn SuperDry is a contributor to DrinkWise Australia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on promoting change towards a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia. Visit http://www.drinkwise.org.au for more information and the facts about alcohol.

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