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Ozone burned out in Australia? Protect yourself while in the Sun

It have been know that Australia has the highest level of skin cancer… Why…?   Maybe something to do with the ozone layer above the continent that has burned out?  Theory? Not sure…. When I first moved here in 1990.  sun screen lotion was regulated. It was difficult to even get a 15 rating here…. I used to go to America and bring all my sun tan lotion, 15, 30 and block out, back with me. Know that my skin is very sensitive… But most Australians are outdoors people and that is wonderful. But the sun is harsh! So this website is really good if you come here to visit or live.

Go to this site:

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  1. Okay I did more research on this. Taken from the article Yahoo Best quoted: Ozone depletion takes place over the Antarctica in the late winter, early spring as the Sun reappears… Later in the season, the Polar Night Light Vortex, a stratospheric jet stream breaks down and some of the ozone depleted air moves north. On occasion it has reach Tasmania but not often. Australia has the highest skin cancer rate in the world because the northern Europeans are living where they did not evolve to live. Hobart, Australia’s most southerly city, is the same latitude south of Rome or New York. Europeans would not consider being out in the Sahara Desert without protection from the Sun but they do it at the same latitudes in Australia. The hole in the ozone layer is directly above the Antarctica. South Africa and Australia are the most vulnerable.

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