wedding ringsTaxpayers Funding $20 Million Dollars to Newlyweds with a $200 voucher per person

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Breaking news..should the Taxpayers pay for newlywed counselling?

NEWLYWEDS across Australia will be given a $200 voucher for marriage counselling from July 1, as part of a $20 million trial to strengthen relationships and avoid family breakdowns. Vouchers can be used for many things…. why now when the government just announced that there would be budget cuts?

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews confirmed the Federal Government’s $200 voucher scheme would proceed with a 12-month trial of 100,000 couples starting on July 1.this year.

Money well spent?  Maybe give this $20 million  to the homeless or something  of worthy cause?   Why not seek the pastor of your church ….. suppose this money voucher is going to strengthen relationships….who knows…. no matter what race, sex, colour or religion one is… and get “married” the strength is between the the money throwing at them really necessary. Why spend this kind of tax payers money?

The collation government made a promise before the election…. a trial maybe or whatever the intention….. your thoughts?   If you can afford to get married, you should be able to afford to pay your own counselling.

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