hairy lemonHarry Lemonwww.

Hairy  Lemon”for Those Who Live a Busy Lifestyle….Just love the name!!!

What is Hairy Lemon?  Read on matey!   Everyday… * Energy  * Recovery  * Stamina * Endurance… no sugar….. just good stuff.

Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation for people who feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle.

It may also be of assistance to people who have trouble concentrating throughout the day. Hairy Lemon may be used as a vitamin B formula to help relieve periods of nervous tension and stress.

Its strong recovery action also helps those recovering from a late night out.

I stumbled on this amazing effervescent tablets…. with 8 complex forte,  vitamin C, Guarana, Ginseng….
check this out…..

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