moreton bugA balman bug and a Moreton bay bug moreton bugsCrustaceans

A vast amount of Australians live close to the waters (ocean, rivers, estuaries, lakes) so seafood and fish are a staple of  most diets. Salmon, tuna, Moreton Bay Bugs,*** and prawns feature heavily in Australian restaurants…..but so are the fish farms here in Australia producing barramundi and oysters…. Yum Yum   Fishing is one of the main forms of agriculture in the country. And did you know that Australia has one of the largest fishing zones in the world.  ***pic of Bay Bug,,,is kinda like a lobster, but not really….normally served chilled and a delight at Christmas.

Takeaways  which Americans call “Take Out”  is a place that like a fast food but prepared to order mostly… Anything from fish and chips (french fries)…to Indian Curry.  Oh and don’t forget the banger  and mash (sausages with mash potatoes)

Aussie bangers and mash..Bangers and mash…….a real classic at BBQ… (not cook outs)……loll

Fast food chains, like Subway, McDonald s, Burger King are advertising big on the telly (television) targeting the younger generation….Cheap as and well healthy…?? It is your choice. It has become apparent that now McDonald s has a new website. Telling everyone…. the big secret of their sauce. Wow now that is something… Where is it all going?    You are what you eat….

There seems to be soooooo many cooking shows on the television…. where you look. learn to be that  a top chef and well honestly. with the cost of eating out a a fine restaurant would set  a couple out on a date at least $200.00  Most everything is alacarte…meaning the bread, butter, salad, and all the sides are extra…..We were given a $70  Christmas voucher gift and  went to a fine dining restaurant and for $42.00 Australian the piece of beef filet they said was 250 grams before before grilled. It was quite sad really… The plate it sat on was huge and in a small tiny bowls was asparagus stalks (not the tips) with a few green beans…The meat shrunk down to the size a a 50 cent piece and that was being nice…And for $40.I managed one dozen of oysters…nothing else with it.  Then with our $12.00 glass of champagne (half empty)….for 2 of us was $106.00… so we paid the difference..

The good news is as Australia is multicultural…. we have authentic Greek, Italian, Turkish and Chinese.And they are owner operators and true traditional food from their country. Not all restaurants are pricey. But it is to smart to ask questions…. As most menus do not have a photo of the meal (like in the USA) to tempt you…it is okay to ask…Australians are very friendly and helpful.

Expats who move to Australia will find that there are a number of foods which are unique to the country and which are very popular. Vegemite is similar to marmite and is used at breakfast time. Very smelly but after a few years, I developed a taste for it and I absolutely love Vegemite.

A Chiko Rollchiko roll Consumption peaked in the late 1970s at 40 million per annum and in 2011 was down to 17 million..but similar to a spring roll and is served deep fried. I believe it may be because you really don’t know what it has in it…..Pavlova is considered to be a traditional Australian food although New Zealand also has a claim to its roots and the same applies to Anzac biscuits. For those who are out in the bush, ‘damper’ is a part of the traditional ‘bush tucker’. This is a type of soda bread which is used by travellers and is baked in the campfire coals.

All of Australia love their wine…and one of the worlds’s largest exporters of the drink.Most Australians will only drink Australia wine and I am one of them.I found when at an event….never ever refuse a wine…it is part of the culture…even if you just do small sips… is rude to be an outcast. After all “she will be right mate” …..x

About LifestyleDownUnderAustralia2017

An American living in Australia. Sharing the past, present and future stuff of interest. Some people have dreamed of visiting here and I just want to give them the insight what it is really like living down under. A wonderful place to be.

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