online shoppingApparently the government is missing out….and a new law to charge GST to the consumer who buys goods online…..well good bye…Ebay,…..Woolies and  Coles… Pet Supplies, appliances, as I use them all for my shopping….no more!

Of surveyed regular online buyers of books and DVDs, the research team of Government and tax offices  showed that 60% vowed to continue to buy regularly from overseas websites, even if the level of GST charged is altered.( in other words, GST will be added….heard it could be up to 38% but who knows..????

Other key findings include:

What and how is this happening…Not fair. Free enterprise shopping……and where will this revenue generating money go ?  Nothing mentioned about this…

About LifestyleDownUnderAustralia2017

An American living in Australia. Sharing the past, present and future stuff of interest. Some people have dreamed of visiting here and I just want to give them the insight what it is really like living down under. A wonderful place to be.

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