Take a look at the history on this iconic town:

History of Darwin

Darwin was founded in 1869 and was originally called Palmerston before being renamed Port Darwin in 1911. The harbour was discovered in 1839 by the Captain of the Beagle, John Lort Stokes, who named it after a former shipmate, British evolutionist Charles Darwin.

The town’s growth was accelerated when gold was discovered at Pine Creek, 200 km south, in 1871.

Prior to 1937 when Local Government functions were taken over by the Commonwealth, there were attempts at introducing Local Government to Darwin but none were successful.

In 1939 a Darwin Town Management Board was formed comprising three Commonwealth Government officers and a Citizens’ Advisory Committee. However it did not exist for long as World War II soon intervened with Darwin bombed heavily by the Japanese in 1942.

Darwin was the scene of the first enemy attack on Australian soil during WWII. At 0958 hours on 19 February 1942, a strike force of 188 carrier-borne Japanese aircraft dropped the first bombs on Darwin, killing more than 243 people. That first air raid destroyed many public buildings, including the post office (where 9 people perished after a direct hit on the bomb shelter). Eight allied ships were sunk in Darwin Harbour and 24 allied aircraft were destroyed. A second enemy air raid at noon that day targeted the Darwin RAAF base.  provided by this site….

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