Helpful Website for Oversees Visitors Wanting to Work in Australia

About WorkStay… from website…

About Workstay the website for backpacker, student, working holiday visa holders in Australia. Our real expertise is for jobs in Western Australia due to being based in Perth, but we are slowly covering all of Australia. Workstay started a job shop in Western Australia way back in 1986 so we are pretty long in the tooth at what we do. If you would like to read the whole story go to our “about us” page “Grab a coffee and enjoy the read”

Workstay has continued to try and help promote working holiday makers in Western Australia and now Australia continuously since 1986 and to build on innovations which it has introduced, many of which have been adopted throughout Australia. However, Workstays backers have over the years seen the growth of copy-cat agencies diluting their ability to effectively ensure new innovations have kept up with this massively expanded sector of the backpacker industry.

Various working places and Information including…. fruit picking…. outback pubs…farm work…volunteer work, working hostels Australia…Tax Information…VISA Information.

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