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Our Oceans

Demand for seafood is increasing as the world’s population grows and people look for healthier meal options. Our everyday seafood choices, from shopping at the supermarket to eating out – are important not just for today but for tomorrow.

Humans continue to take more fish from ocean supplies that can’t be replaced naturally and as a result many fish stocks are now in decline. Consequently, it’s now more important than ever to secure a sustainable supply of seafood not just for today but well into the future.

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood can be wild-caught or farmed / aquaculture.

For wild-caught fish, sustainable seafood is sourced from abundant fish stocks, using methods that do not damage ocean habitats or catch large volumes of non-target species (by-catch) and have responsive management systems in place.

Sustainable farmed seafood is grown in aquaculture systems that do not destroy habitat or depend on overfished wild-caught fisheries as feed.

There are lots of certifications out there, but what do they mean? Here’s a guide to the two of the most commonly used.

Sustainable Seafood Restaurants

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