ImageA male….

Utters…soft tinkling notes, as well as a distinctive rapidly repeated chattering alarm call unlike that of other members of the genus. The alarm call is a quickly repeated tweet.

The Orange-bellied Parrot is a small parrot around 20 cm (8 in) long; the adult male has bright green upper parts, and yellow below with a prominent, two-toned blue frontal band, a green-blue upper tail with yellow sides, and an orange patch on its belly. The under wing-coverts and flight feathers are dark blue, with paler blue median wing-coverts. Its iris is dark brown and beak and feet grayish. The adult female is a duller green with a paler blue frontal band. The juvenile is a duller green colour.

Distribution and habitat….Orange-bellied Parrots only breed in South Western Tasmania,  where they nest in eucalyptus bordering on button grass moors. The entire population migrates over Bass Strait to spend the winter on the coast of south-eastern Australia. These few sites contain their favoured salt marsh habitat, and includes sites in or close to Port Phillip such as Werribee Sewage Farm,  the Spit Nature Conservation Reserve, the  shores of Swan Bay, Swan Island, Lake Connewarre State Wildlife Reserve, Lake Victoria, and Mud Islands, as well as French Island in Western Port.

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