Plastic Bay Free Town…. Wineglass Bay… Australia

Click on link for more….Coles Bay – Australia’s first plastic bag free town

Coles Bay went plastic shopping bag free on Anzac Day in 2003. The community worked with Planet Ark to obtain supplies of re-usable calico and brown paper bags. Every household was issued with 6 calico bags and all shops simply stopped using plastic bags at the check out.

You may buy our calico bags for $3.00 at Coles Bay Convenience, Freycinet Adventures and at the National Park Information Centre. They make a great souvenir to take home and use. “Plastic” bags are also available for 20c at Coles Bay Convenience. They are actually made from either tapioca or corn starch and are completely bio-degradable. Should they find their way into the sea and be swallowed by a fish or a marine mammal, they will break down without causing harm to the creature. They will also break down in a rubbish tip or even beside the road.

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