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Welcome to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival


2014 National Beanie Competition Winners have recently been announced!

The Stellar Star People’s Choice of 2014

Winner: Nancy Hall, Planet Pantomime, Alice Springs

Other favourites include Doris Madden, Kris Malenski and Sharon Maher


1 Celestial Bodies

Winner: Heavens Above – Carrie Jacobi, Newcastle NSW

Special Mention: Solar Flare – Joan Stanley, Coffin Bay, SA

2 Outer Space

Winner: Alien – Julie Brennan, Moruya, NSW

Special Mention: Alien Attraction Alf & Evie – Dorris Madden, Warnambool, Vic

3 Planet Earth Beanie

Winner: Terrestrial Gnosis – Jane Flower, WA

Special Mention: Emu – Rhonda Williams, Willuna, WA

4 Earth friendly beanie

Winner: Stripey Mukata – Tjaria Stanley, Ernabella, SA

Special Mention: Crystalalien, Penny O’Neill, Monee Ponds, Vic

5 The Eileen Bladon Tea-Cosy Prize

Winner: Bush Cuppa – Marilyn Hunter, Alice Springs NT

Special Mention: Saturn – Fay Butt, WA

6 The Central Australian Prize

Winner: Untitled – Sharelle, Nyrripi, NT

Special Mention: Untitled – Vina Gallagher, Nyrripi NT

7 Ashfords Prize for Best Hand-felted Beanie

Winner: Is Anybody Out There – Andrea Veihelmann, Germany

Special Mention: Yacka Surprise – Shirley Jones, Elizabeth, SA

8 The Stitching Prize

Winner: Let me bring you down to Earth – Shaz Harrison-Williams, Tasmania

Special Mention: Coral Brain – Alli Symons, Millswood SA

9 Kids Prize

Winner: Starchild –Clamarose Basso, Alice Springs NT

Special Mention: Ruby’s Stripes – Ruby Kelly, Garden Island Creek, Tas

10 Youth Prize

Winner: Untitled – Martin Roberts, Fregon, SA

Special Mention: Intergalactic Fantasy – Alexander Bruer, School of the Air

11 The Alice Springs Beanie Festival Acquisition Prize

Winner: ET Holding the Moon the planets are swinging– Stacy Peterson, Willuna, WA


About LifestyleDownUnderAustralia2017

An American living in Australia. Sharing the past, present and future stuff of interest. Some people have dreamed of visiting here and I just want to give them the insight what it is really like living down under. A wonderful place to be.

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