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Naked DSL – Frequently Asked Questions

1. All about Naked DSL
What is Naked DSL?
Naked DSL is a type of ADSL2+ broadband Internet connection that doesn’t require a landline phone service. So you no longer need to pay line rental for a phone service that you hardly ever use!  Naked DSL is also known as Naked ADSL, Naked Broadband or ULL.
Don’t I need an active phone line for broadband?
In the past you have, but not any more! All you need is a copper line connected from the Telstra exchange to your home or business. When you sign up for Naked DSL, Telstra will physically transfer your phone line into a ULL line, which means you don’t have to pay line rental for each month. This new line is connected to your Naked DSL provider’s network equipment (called a DSLAM) in the exchange. This enables you to get Naked DSL – ADSL2+ broadband internet without having to pay for the phone line rental!

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