Easter trading hours

The following information applies to trading hours over the Easter long weekend. It includes information about service of alcohol as well as operation of gaming machines.

Good Friday Eve

On the Thursday before Good Friday (Good Friday Eve), the sale and supply of alcohol is only permitted until 12 midnight. While the bar must finish serving at this time, patrons still have until 12.30am to finish their drinks and leave the premises.

All gaming machines must cease operating at 12 midnight on Good Friday Eve.

Good Friday

You are permitted to sell and supply liquor from 10am to 12 midnight in conjunction with a meal in a part of the premises that is ordinarily set aside for dining, if the meal is also prepared, served and intended to be eaten on the premises. (Note: A meal is defined as food eaten by a person at a fixed structure used as a table, with cutlery provided for the purpose of eating the food, and is of a

sufficient substance to be ordinarily accepted as a meal.)

See Link for More Information:

Patrons can purchase alcohol for 1 hour before eating their meal, while they are eating their meal, and for 1 hour after finishing their meal.


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An American living in Australia. Sharing the past, present and future stuff of interest. Some people have dreamed of visiting here and I just want to give them the insight what it is really like living down under. A wonderful place to be.

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